Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Hot Landscape on a Cold Night

Working late last night on this oil pastel, which I began this fall. I had rubbed most of it out because it was insipid. Last night saw it sitting on the table in the living room and realized I hadn't done my daily art (I'm at that moment between semesters when I have 175 report cards to do and 3 online classes, and many face to face classes, to prepare, which begin Weds. arggghhhhh-computing nightmare). I was frustrated, angry, and so scribbled away. Also, I didn't like the damn thing to begin with. So here it is. It's better. I like the hot and cold contrast, I might do more, not sure.

I was watching Artemisia, about Artemisia Gentileschi, Baroque Italian painter, last night her mentor Tassi said, "Don't do what you are familiar with, do something different", as a way to move her beyond what she already knew as a painter. Words of wisdom.

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