Thursday, June 28, 2007

Mostly New Vermont Work - Early Summer 2007

Here I am back in Vermont after a few months in Florida during the worst of winter. Lucky lucky me! I loved painting in FL and just as much I love being back in my glorious new studio in VT. Many of these paintings are small, whipped out in a few hours after a day of doing other things, like cleaning out closets - ugh! Right now the idea of moving does not excite me, I just want to hunker down and enjoy my art space. Recently though, I've said many times, an art space isn't the same has having space (time) to make art, and the later is more important than the former :-)

This is a quick watercolor landscape of the view from my painting porch in VT. I imagined the colors pretty much, which you know I love to do. It is about 10" x 6"

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