Friday, March 24, 2006

Begin Again

I begin again. After looking at a 24"x30" stretched canvas all last weekend and this week, I found I was daunted by its size and blankness, and although I have an idea of what I want to paint I just couldn't seem to begin. Part of my problem is I want to experiment with oils and/or acrylics and I have little experience with them so technique was an issue. Another angst is time, I'm so busy with other stuff, work stuff, ewwwww! With the help of my hubby I realized this is just the time for small art. I don't HAVE to do big art (somehow this seemed the next reasonable step). I need to do lots of little oil and acrylic "sketches" to work on techniques, work out compositions and colors, and to keep myself sane regarding time.

That said, here is a beginning of a smallish piece I began last night. I'm selling my daughter's car (after she has been gone from home for a year) and I'm feeling a bit of final tether removal going on in my psyche. These clouds seemed a good place to be and although they will build up to being a lot whiter (I think) this is where I stopped last night. This is about 8x18" on heavy watercolor paper, not gessoed. I'm not sure if the oil won't soak in too much but that's part of the experiment.