Friday, August 03, 2007

Sean Dye - Mixed Media Master Teacher

The next work is in gouache (opaque vs. transparent watercolors). This is the kind of paint kids use in elementary school and is called tempera, but artist quality tempera, or gouache (gwah-sh) is much more refined. The paint is a bit chalky and totally opaque and flat. It is great for painting fast and colorful work. The Shangri-La is a motel in FL I really love, it reminds me of my childhood visit there with my family in the 50's one winter when I was about 12 (by car from NJ) . Professor Sean Dye, University of VT art instructor, is master of many different media. Matter of fact he has written a great book on mixed media in which he talks a lot about his personal techniques for making art. Check out his website at:

Our home in FL is about 3 blocks from the railroad tracks. We hear the train at least 5 times a day (and at night). It is a freight line so great long trains go through with everything from autos, to animals, to produce, to …. sand. This is the sand train. I guess the sand is used in cement and for other building uses and is shipped all over. I love the long line of cars and huge puffy clouds in this scene. I have lots of train photos from FL and suspect a series is percolating in the back of my art mind. This one is in oil pastel, done during a workshop taught by Sean Dye.

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