Tuesday, January 24, 2006


Tonight I was tired and almost didn't make art. But I found, when I sat down with the promise to myself that I'd only work for a few minutes if that's all I felt like, I became rejuvenate by working with the materials and color. This door is from a photo I took on a country lane in Ireland last summer. We had to stop the car so I could capture it. I loved the greenish door scraped through to hot pink underpainting contrasting with the yellow ochre building. Ireland is full of colorful surprises. Many come from painted doorways and window trim in very old stone or masonry buildings. I remember being so struck by this in England back in the mid-60's when I first visited a country outside of the states. The row houses there were all the same dull gray, but each one had it's own painted wood trim color scheme and the combination with flower boxes was just stunning and stays with me today.

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