Friday, July 14, 2006


The past few months have been non-art producing yet to make myself stay focused I signed up for a local art show. Sigh. Now the event is encroaching and I am struggling to feel okay about the little I have to show. It's not that it is a little bit of art, I have enough pieces, it is I have little to choose from that I've completed this year. This has been a Non-Art banner year. My studio is under construction, my 1/2 year teaching position has been accepted by the administration, so my snowbird status and partial retirement has actually begun. It doesn't feel like it b/c I'm very busy this summer with my new school: teaching tech to teachers during the summer, moving into a new classroom, as well as helping with implementation of a new student information system. Lots to do. I hope to begin my art life next week as I truly go on vacation. I'll travel to FL, then to VT for an art workshop, then to a mountain top for a painting retreat before school begins again in late August. Until then...

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