Thursday, August 03, 2006

Art Woman, Crazy Woman?

Okay, this is it, I've been busy all summer building my studio (well, supporting my hubby and helping as he builds it) teaching, and other stuff, but this week I have been in art heaven. I've been attending the Holbein Vermont Art Event, in Burlington, and am a total art fool at this point. I have one more day of glorious workshops and then will spend most of next week at a family mountain cabin, painting and experimenting with all the techniques I learned this week.

For now let me show you what I've been doing. This first bunch of photos are from a workshop taught by Robert Burridges. He is a wonderfully funny, creative and fearless artist who as an artist by breaks all the rules. Check his site out at: Honestly, though you just have to see him in person to get the real gist of his magic. The images with this post were all done by me at his workshops (I took 6 hours worth) on Tuesday, Aug. 1.