Friday, August 03, 2007

Lisa Goes to Art Camp

This is the second year in a row this teacher got to go to grown ups Art Camp. Holbein Art Products distributors for North America offices and warehouses are in Burlington, VT area. Each year they throw a big "party" and lots of artists come. Actually, they invite a dozen or so artists to lead workshops over a 5-day period. Artists, or wannabe artists, can sign up for a few as one, or as many as eleven workshops over the 5 days. I took 11 this year....whew! I've got one more to go, but I thought while I had a speedy Internet connection (in the hotel) and time to do so, I'd post a few of my pieces. Remember these are 3-hour workshop works, nothing to frame, but great experiences working in a new medium, or with some new techniques.

The first one is an acrylic floral I did in a Margaret Roseman workshop. Roseman is a Canadian painter known for her loose floral and landscape work in both watercolor and acrylic. Her website is:

I would say her emphasis is on light against dark, dark against light and gradation. Basically, we are talking value. It seems to me this was the big message I got over and over in the workshops I took this past week: pay attention to, and emphasize, value changes. It's pretty easy to just think of art as line and forget the 3-D value of it; form.

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