Saturday, February 21, 2009

More FL Art


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Grooving on the Florida landscape as usual, especially since it is February and VT is cold, sloppy and still fighting off winter. I'm working on my color palette with these two paintings. Both were done in, or inspired by, the Jane Slivka workshop I took in January. Jane is a Ohio transplant, a painter from Mt. Dora, FL, who has studied with Robert Burridges and Steven Quiller, both colorists and fans of loosey goosey brush work. This is all good for me too. As a recovering tight watercolorist I aim to get loose and free with brush strokes and use color in such a way that the painting looks colorful, although not like a carnival. This is not always easy to achieve, I fail at it more than succeed. Jane was experimenting with gray skies and I may bring some gray back into my palette as well, to offset the color.
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