Saturday, November 16, 2013


My daughter has written a children's story which I hope to illustrate. The main character is a firefly and this is my first attempt. I used a photograph to get the details down, and I'm afraid it's probably more detailed than I'd like, but this is my first one, there will be more. Her name is Luna.

More Pastels

While I was in VT this summer I sketched this quickie of the Green Mtns, Killington to be exact.


Lately I've revisited soft pastels, they can range from chalk-like to smoothly milled, almost like powder in a stick. Unlike oil pastels they don't glide on the paper so you need a paper with some tooth, a texture. You can buy sanded paper (which is what I've used here) or make your own textures by adding sand to gesso or buying special textured gesso to prepare the paper. Another look at local area, Spruce Creek: