Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Global Warming?

I was so tired last night I just had to play. I liked these colors, smeared them around to see what I'd get, and now I'm entranced with the possibilities. What can happen here? I need to wait and see.

An art teacher friend mentioned that I should comment on the size of these pieces. Almost all of them are not much bigger than a postcard (or two). I've got a large sheet of heavy smooth paper taped to a board and have divided it up into sections. The largest one is about 10x12" and it is the "Hot Landscape on a Cold Night", the rest are much smaller.

I like working this small because it isn't daunting, especially since I'm so busy with my other work stuff and have little time for art. Even spending 5 minutes every day makes me feel so good though, I'm really glad I'm doing this.

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