Thursday, August 03, 2006

Caroline Jasper

Actually, I was in a Power Color workshop with Caroline Jasper on Tuesday and Wednesday was Bob Burridge, but I'll talk about Caroline here since I just uploaded all the other photos from the burridge workshop. Jasper was a long time high school art teacher and did a lot of research on color theory. She taught workshops for artists on color and was asked to write a book, researched even more, and has written an awesome book called Power Color. I learned a lot of stuff that I already knew, but she broke it down in such a way that the application of the theory made more sense to me. These three studies are just that, theoretical applications of color with emphasis on value in the first one (without thinking of the color itself just its place on the value scale that refers only to its pure hue); the second is about cool and warm colors, receeding and projecting using color; and the third, the mug is a quickie on a similar theme. I learned a lot from her that I hope I'll remember to apply. She has a great book and a great website at: