Monday, August 25, 2008

late summer bounty

We're selling the VT house this summer so I've been busy getting rid of rather than making new art. Here's a few little doodles that I've done recently, not nearly enough time spent either in FL or VT this year on art. I think I'm ready for a new dedication to work. This is my last year teaching so I'm hoping as I finish up that chapter in my life (28 years!) I'll find more time for painting.

Two of these pieces are oil pastel on handmade paper (from Mexico where I bought it directly from the paper maker. The tan paper is banana leaf) with ink. both are quite small, no bigger than 10" wide. The landscape w/ barn is acrylic and is also small, 8x12, on primed canvas.

The two collages are about 5x7, done in FL. Collage is a great way to get the juices flowing. I had a collage party with 4 other art wimmin where we all brought some magazines, I provided cardstock and each person brought scissors and gluesticks. We brown bag lunched it too, so it was no work for me but fun for all. We all got ideas from the process. I had no particular intention, but I like the Surreal quality to the pieces and might experiment with painting on top of the magazine images.

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