Thursday, January 26, 2006

Murky World

My son talks about the New World Order, makes connections between things that make my mind spin. Is his world spinning or is mine, is it the same world we live in? When he talks it seems we live on two totally different planets. I washed the "global warming" painting in white mist last night, misty confusion.

"Judgment day, everyone will think they're crazy". I'm watching Angel's in America the past few nights, Tony Kushner's play (in video form with Al Pacino, Meryl Streep, Emma Thompson). Hell, heaven, life, death, angels, madness, an amazing play. One character, a Mormon wife statue who steps out of the tableau, talks about what happens when God calls you. She says, "He reaches inside you and grabs your insides, wrenches them out, then stuffs them back inside all dirty and dusty, leaving you to sew yourself up". I think of the power of spirit in my son and how he is wrangling with it and the world. "He had great need of understanding, his need was prayer, his prayer brought understanding", says a character in the play who is talking about the prophet Joseph Smith. I think my son has a great need to understand life, his role in it and he finds solace in his radio preacher's sermons.

The world is a murky place, spirit sweet, let me not judge where one finds solace.

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